Introducing Encore 6

Passport Music Software

Passport Music Software makes easy-to-use music notation software and MIDI software.

Intuitive Music Software
Passport Music Software offers affordable, incredibly intuitive notation and MIDI sequencer software that have withstood the test of time. From lead sheets to symphonic scores to MIDI tracks, Passport Music Software has them all.


Easy to use, the true standard for music notation software. Make music quickly. As low as $99.99

MasterTracks Pro

Fast, intuitive, a MIDI sequencer music making software with simple power. As low as $39.99

MusicTime Deluxe

Start making music right now with our easiest music notation software. As low as $49.99

Passport Music Software always lets you think like a musician, instead of assuming you’re a software engineer. And don’t forget Passport Music Software’s avid, free world class customer support comprised of music professionals, because Passport Music Software never forgets you. We’re loyal like that.

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