Introducing Encore 6

Passport Music Software

Passport Music Software makes easy-to-use music notation software and MIDI software.

Heard you missed us – we’re back…. Okay, we never REALLY went away, but we’re still bringing you the easiest to use music notation and MIDI sequencing software in the entire Solar System. (That’s right. The entire Solar System.) Launch yourself with:


Easy to use, the true standard for music notation software. Make music quickly.

MasterTracks Pro

Fast, intuitive, a MIDI sequencer music making software with simple power.

MusicTime Deluxe

Start making music right now with our easiest music notation software.

Passport Music Software always lets you think like a musician, instead of assuming you’re a software engineer. And isn’t that who you really are – a composer, an arranger, a teacher, a performer, a musician? (Of course you are.) And don’t forget Passport’s avid world class customer support, because Passport never forgets you. We’re loyal like that. So why pay more for overpriced and needlessly complicated music software when you can have Encore or MasterTracks Pro or MusicTime Deluxe in minutes? (That’s your cue.) So, to sum up: we were gone (not really), we’re back (true enough), and we always support our products (because that’s just the right thing to do).