Introducing Encore 6

Passport Music Software

Passport Music Software makes easy-to-use music notation software and MIDI software.

From lyric sheets to symphonic scores, Passport Music Software has the solution.
Passport Music Software is excited to announce the latest addition to our suite of products: TuneTwist. When you need to write lyric sheets with chords, TuneTwist is your go-to tool. In our never ending quest to bring you the easiest most intuitive music software, TuneTwist’s patent-pending, cloud based technology lets you write, organize, sync and share your songs in Real Time, with multiple users.


Easy to use, the true standard for music notation software. Make music quickly.


The essential tool for writing, organizing and sharing lyric sheets with chords

MasterTracks Pro

Fast, intuitive, a MIDI sequencer music making software with simple power.

MusicTime Deluxe

Start making music right now with our easiest music notation software.
The suite of Passport Music Software products never forgets that you’re a musician, and not a software engineer, and lets you get about making music, easily and intuitively. Add in our avid world class customer support and you’re never alone.